Coming Fall 2019


“It’s A Man’s World” is a comedy short film about a relationship going downhill. Quinton and Christina have been married for two years, but the spark in their marriage is gone. When Quinton tries to talk to Christina about where she’s lacking in their marriage, the conversation goes nowhere. They have two different views on how their marriage should run. But when Quinton comes home to a loving and wonderful Christina, he questions her motives for the sudden change of mind. What happened to make Christina have a sudden change of mind? How long can Quinton take advantage of being catered to by his wife? “It’s A Man’s World” will touch base on how men and women view marriage and the positions of husbands and wives.


Directed by: Sean Blaze Henderson

Director of Photography: Tony Mitchell

Produced by: Lakisha Lemon, Quinton Sampson, and Sean Blaze Henderson

Featuring: Quinton Sampson, Gabriella Flowers, Amelia Jeffries, Ryan Sterling Smith and Victoria Dresden.

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